Friday, 15 April 2011

Magnetic monopoles and flux tubes, Frank explains about wormholes

Frank has done some more research into just how the Door works. He says that it appears to be related to flux tubes. Let's see if I can explain what Frank told me. Flux tubes are made by connecting two magnetic monopoles. Now, we all 'know' that monopoles can't exist by themselves (so Frank says), but by agreeing that the two ends of such a tube combined are just a single magnetic dipole, and noting that they move independently, then they can be treated for many purposes as independent quasiparticles.

Anyway, these monopoles only exist in pairs, but, Frank says, if you did manage to separate them, then you'd get this tube thing, and that's what he thinks we have here. It's just that with this equipment he's gotten a hold of, he's managed to create a tube big enough to walk through. In effect he's got himself a wormhole. We don't know how it works or even why, but at least it doesn't terminate in the middle of a sun or the vacuum of space (though we did have that big issue back at the beginning of January before he got it re-aimed).

Well, it turns out that we are very lucky to have hit anything at all. Think of throwing darts at a huge the side of a barn. What are the odds of hitting a fly sitting there looking at you? Even if you were to aim really carefully, the fly might move, so our hitting anything, much less a planet, much lesser a planet we can survive on, is extremely unexpected, yet here we are.

We'll tell more as soon as Frank gets done drawing all the pictures.

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