Friday, 13 May 2011

Wormhole blog and Beta trip

Well, it appears that someone was took note of some of Frank's wormhole theories, but he was apparently too embarrassed to use his real name. Anyway, thanks to Mr. Anonymous, we found a blog from Universe Today (with some neat pictures) that had a comment referencing a FAQ posted by Enrico Rodrigo, who had been a professor at UC, Irvine, so if any of you are interested, go ahead and read it...just make certain you're in a comfortable place, because it'll take a while. Maybe we can get a good discussion going. (Enrico also does research into Brane Worlds, whatever they are.)

Last week I mentioned a possible beta-trip, just as a test of the idea of sending folks out on weekly trips. Well, Frank thinks we need to keep it in house before we get the general public involved. What do you think? Should we open things up to people who haven't been with us since the beginning?

Let us know on the poll. Thanks!

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