Friday, 8 October 2010

The Employees

Once Frank got a bunch of blueprints and schematics drawn up, we needed to enlist the help of a bunch of techie-types to do the grunt-work and physically hook up all the couplings. Thanks to our local temp agency, we were able to hire a few … a few that is who could manage to keep their mouths shut about what we were doing here. Not that it’s really secret, or dangerous or anything, we just didn’t want to have any problems with industrial espionage. Frank never thinks of things like that. Everything seemed to be going well until we tried to get one of the techies to step through The Door. (Frank has taken to calling it the “The Gauss-Jacobi Door” as if he knew who created it.)
Well, it turns out most techie-type folks, including Frank, aren’t much of the adventurous outdoorsy type. I’m no guinea pig either, so you aren’t going to see me risking everything just to test it out. We were stuck on that part, but Frank and his crew kept tweaking other things, and I was left to find someone, anyone, who could escort groups of adventurers to the other side. After only a short search, we found him.
We would like to welcome to Ex Terra Expeditions as our guide, chaperon, and the best tracker we could find: Tom. His upbringing in the Australian outback only set the stage. Using his training from the military, he worked for a while in a wilderness camp taking city folk for adventures in bush country. Having to take the winters off annoyed him, so we acquired his talents and are proud of the friends he’s already made on the other side. He’s even picked up a few words in their native tongue.
If you have any problems on your trip, just seek out Tom: he’s prepared to care of everything.

See ya next week!


Anne said...

Tom? I don't remember or know a Tom. I still like it and it keeps sounding better! Keep going!

Aaron said...

Tom doesn't sound very Australian Outback...Now Mic Dundee, that's an Australian Outback name :)