Friday, 1 October 2010

The Technology

All right, you probably want to know more about this device that Frank had somehow managed to appropriate from the government. If I were to let Frank tell you how it worked, you’d be inundated by a bunch of mathematics and physics equations. Nobody understands half of what he says, so I’ll just tell you what I know about it. (If you really want to know more, he says it’s based on the discoveries of Gauss and Jacobi, and something about Cauchy.) The simple reality is that when supplied with enough power, it creates a magnetic field, a huge magnetic field. Then that field gets twisted around, and when it’s twisted enough so that it crosses over itself and overlaps, it opens a door. The big question was a door to where?

Well, when the Army sent their troops through to check it out, the first thing they found was that all their fancy-pantsy weapons didn’t work anymore. Apparently the magnetic field messed things up big time. After the troops got done looking around, a bunch of scientists checked it out, but they finally gave up, too. As I said before, there wasn’t much use for a door that didn’t go anywhere the Army wanted to go, so they were getting ready to dump it when Frank talked them out of it. They didn’t believe it to be a security risk, because nothing seemed to work on the other side.

What they neglected to consider was low-tech tools. Think about it. How much damage can a magnetic field do to a wooden club? Or a spear with a flint tip? How about a bow and arrow? See what I mean??

We figured that if we kept the level of technology low enough, then it wouldn’t matter. We planned to send regular folks on hunting and camping excursions and are now working out all the details.

I’ll keep updating the info here, and when we’re ready for civilian trips, we’ll let you know.


Anne said...

I like that you put links to find the scientist's information. I like how informative this is to people who really want to know!

Aaron said...

How low tech is low tech? Is blackpowder low enough? How about smokeless powder?