Friday, 18 February 2011

Look for us in the magazine

Well, Frank has been spending quite a bit of time with that guy from the Science magazine. They were impressed with the technology he's managed to get up and running...all without knowing how it really works. (Of course, I'd never say that to his face; he really has managed to do quite a bit without an instruction manual.) The biggest issue he's got to worry about now is the pressure differences. Frank has found that the air pressure here at our new location is sufficiently different from on the other side that there is a serious problem. Before we moved the difference wasn't as great. Frank thinks it has to do with the elevation change. He's working on figuring out how to completely seal the Door room, but we still need to get all the cables in and out.

Tom knows his stars well enough to make it across the Australian outback, but he says the stars on the other side aren't the same. He's talked to the natives about constellations, trying to figure out more about their mythology, but either they aren't saying anything or they really don't think like that. They seemed to think that Tom was confused when he started explaining about people and animals up in the sky. Next trip, he plans on taking a star chart so he can show them what he's talking about.

Any suggestions? Let us know.


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jstme said...

I am getting excited about this venture!!
Count me in!!