Friday, 25 February 2011

Sealing the Door room; Getting official

Apparently the problem of getting cables through a hermetically sealed wall isn't a new one. (If you squint, you can see a reference to hermetic sealing on page 162 in the third column of Electrical World from 1889.) Frank just got out one of his electronic catalogues and found what he needed, so now he's going over all the walls he just finished redoing when he built the Faraday cage. First he sealed the room against magnetic fields, now he's done the same for air pressure.

From the comments we've received, it looks like we won't need to worry about customers...once we get fully up and running. When we sent out those hunters, we thought we would be able to handle any problems. They were responsible adults, or so we thought. Boy, were we wrong. (I guess the super rich really do think the rules don't apply to them. Don't worry, they won't be investors.) The fiasco of getting them all back worried Frank, so he's really against sending out any more folks (other than Tom or any of our other employees) until we get things under control. He's even pulled in some legal help, and the lawyers don't want to do anything until we get registered and incorporated as an official company, so that's the next step. (Of course, you know how I feel about lawyers.)

Paperwork with the state takes forever, but we'll let you know how it goes.

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