Friday, 19 November 2010

Delayed, what do you expect?

Apparently there were problems in slowing down the charging cycle. As the capacitors get closer to a full charge, they charge even slower, so there wasn't enough power to open the Door on schedule. Frank says it has something to do with the Law of Diminishing Returns. To quote him, “The charge approaches 100% asymptotically.” Yeah, right, whatever that engineering mumbo-jumbo means.

Anyway, the techies need a lot of help getting a full charge, so I'm on call to fix things for them, but I want to make a quick comment on the poll we had on the bottom of the page. We asked where you’d like to vacation. Most of you (75%) agreed with us. An Out of This World Vacation certainly sounds like fun, doesn’t it? The rest of you need to open up your minds and consider the possibilities. The poll for this week (or so) has to do with what you’d bring with you on such a trip. If you have any better ideas, let us know.

Keeping it short this week as Frank is frantically running around trying to get the Door open and ‘rescue’ the squints. (They hate it when I call them that, but it’s a habit I picked up from Seeley.) See you next week!

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