Friday, 26 November 2010

All is exciting news to report...they all survived

I was really hoping to be able to report some exciting news, but all the squints survived just fine. Although we got the Door open later than planned, they weren't worried. They were just biding their time over there, patiently waiting. How boring.

BTW I was right about them not getting invited to any parties, in fact they pretty much were snubbed by the natives, which was only expected as they snubbed the natives as well. The high-tech scientists didn't think the backward natives had anything to contribute, and the kick-back natives thought the techies were too uptight. Apparently the squints never even tried talking to the natives. One look at the native agricultural society and the scientists put down the entire world. Talk about judging a book by its cover. Ha!

Good news: Based on the experiments they did, the scientists are planning on reporting to the government that there is no reason to keep us shut down, so I'm gathering a group together to get a real hunting party going. I've got friends who've hunted big game in Africa, India, and even South America, so I'm going to let them have a chance to see what they can do over on the other side of the Door. Can you imagine putting up on the wall, next to a lion or tiger or bear, the head of something that has never been here on this planet? What a conversation piece. (I actually don’t know what there is over there, but I know it’ll be something interesting.) I’ll make certain that they take pictures, and then I’ll post them. You’ll want to see that!

On the tech side of things, the charging is going well, and Frank almost has a full second set of capacitors hooked up, so future rescue operations will go over much smoother.

That’s all to report for this week. See you in seven days.
P.S. Check out the poll. I’ve extended the time to respond.

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