Friday, 12 November 2010

Just waiting...

We’re still charging the capacitors, but we’re keeping the cycle slowed down during most of the day, only running it up to full power in the middle of the night so that it won’t affect the neighbours; we’re trying to stay on good terms with them. Fortunately the slowdown has been calculated so it won’t affect the plan to open the Door by the end of next week. I really want to be there when the squints come back through. I’m curious to see how well they’ve survived out there in the open world. Knowing them, they’ve probably built a whole lab…including a basement, but we’ll just have to wait until later to see.

While the charge continues to build, Frank and the techies are working on trying to fully understand the technology that makes the Door work. They think that pretty soon, they’ll be able to actually control where the Door opens. Apparently at this point, they can open it, but they can’t aim it. It’s gotten so bad, according to Tom, that when he’s sitting over there, on the other side, ready to return, he’s had to sprint to get over to where the Door appears, so he can get through before it shuts. It hasn’t happened yet, but even if he does miss the Door, he knows that we’ll re-open it as soon as we can, so that’s not really a problem, but the way things are right now, it could be as much as another whole week before we get up enough charge for a rescue attempt. That’s why Frank is trying to get a second set of capacitors connected up. He wants to get them charged and keep them on the side, just for emergency openings. You never know when we might need to get Tom back in a hurry. Tom’s solution was to only open the Door at night. That way the light from this side will shine through and be easily visible, and he can start running as soon as it starts opening. I'd rather get the Door to Tom, rather than hoping Tom can get to the Door.

Until next week, we’re all still waiting. See you then!

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Aaron said...

Well, until you figure out how to aim better, the idea of only opening at night sounds pretty reasonable. Rather ingenious actually.