Friday, 3 December 2010

Volunteers? A trip out

Well, it looks like we've got folks who're ready to volunteer...not for a trip, but to help out in the office. I guess not everyone is willing to take the plunge and head out into the unknown. Don't worry, there are folks heading out this weekend. Remember those big game hunters I talked about last week? Well, we've got a good sized group leaving tomorrow. I told them about the charging problem, so they're bringing everything they need for a week in the bush...including their own porters. It'll be crowded in the office when they all arrive, but once they've left, Frank has some ideas to test out.

Talking about the office, it seems we've found a possible new location for the operation: an old abandoned, warehouse-sized building. It sits at the end of a road, so there's little issue with traffic. It's near enough to civilisation that we will be able to get customers in and out easily enough. And down the hill from the back side is a train track, so we can transport some of the heavier equipment in and out with ease. The funny thing is that it used to be a Wal-Mart store. Well, at least that's funny to me as I haven't visited that store chain for almost a dozen years. Just not my type of employer to support. [shrug]

Anyway, I'll set the poll to track your opinion on that topic and be back in a week.
Keep up the adventuring!

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