Friday, 24 December 2010

The rest of them are back, the move is under way

All is well. The second group of hunters made it back, and they brought back quite an interesting selection of specimens. Tom says that the reason this group got so many new trophies is that they didn't rush through the hunting. He says that the first group was in so much of a hurry that they didn't have the time to find the good stuff, but this group slowed down a bit and even got to know some of the natives much better. Besides being invited to spend time in the tavern in the nearby town, they also were shown the best hunting places, but they say the hunting was only the start of things.

According to Tom, that tavern was something worth visiting all by itself. We almost couldn't get him to stop talking about the ale they brew there. In spite of the bite it has, he told us it goes down very smoothly, and he kept bragging about not having a hangover in the matter how much he drank. Well, that's just about enough to convince me to visit, but I'm still concerned about the Door itself. If I understood it the way Frank does, it might not be too bad, but all that engineering mumbo-jumbo still concerns me.

No more trips until we get set up at the new location. Frank has already started the tear down, having the big parts loaded onto a flat-bed trailer. He’s boxing up the sturdy parts and packing them into the back of a small moving van, but he’s keeping all the delicate parts separate, so he can transport them personally.

I’ll let you know when we’ve got the move done and are back up and running. Until then, Frank says that he’ll keep working on documenting just how this thing works. Maybe someday, you’ll be able to read about in one of his techie magazines.

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