Friday, 17 December 2010

The first group is least most of them

We had anticipated a variety of possible problems, but when we opened the Door to retrieve the hunting group, we faced a problem we couldn't have expected: they didn't want to come back. Apparently when the group arrived, they decided that there were too many of them in too small of an area, so they split up into two groups, with one going hunting whilst the other waited around at camp, and they were going to swap after a while. That idea would have worked fine if the first group had come back on time, but they didn't. The hunting group didn't bother to come back until they'd all bagged the prey that they had been tracking. Unfortunately that took longer than the second group expected, and they never even got a chance to head out.

Fortunately our timing couldn't have been better: we opened the door just after the first group finally got back, so the second group hadn't had a chance to leave the drop site yet. The only thing we could offer them was to let the ones who wanted to stay remain over there for another week. Most of the first group was willing to return, as well as a few from the second group who had given up waiting. We will pick up the rest next week.

One last thing, the pictures that Tom took on the hunt are being developed (they had to be on film because digital cameras won't work over there), so I'll get them posted as soon as they come back from the lab. Keep an eye on things here.

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