Friday, 31 December 2010

We're at the new location and settling in

Not much to report, yet. No matter how much pressure I put on him, Frank is certainly taking his time getting all the equipment set up. I know there are quite a few connections to make, but he's being excessively slow and careful about it, so it may be a while, in spite of having the techies working on it all night. One good thing about the move: I must say that the new place is much closer to civilisation than our old one; we can practically see a dozen Wal-Mart stores from the roof top...well maybe not quite that many, but there are quite a few stores in the area, and the view is wonderful. On clear days (which there are many of, except for the recent rain), we can even see the taller buildings in downtown Sacramento.
One of the best things about the new location is that the amenities here are much better, especially the choice of eateries. In fact, right in the centre of Rocklin itself, there's a really nice place to stop for lunch, but it's got to be an early lunch because they close at 2:00pm – the Granite Rock Grill. When you schedule your trip with us, make certain you stop off there for a hearty breakfast before you head may be the last decent meal you'll get for a week!
Seriously though, this building we've moved into is really going to work out great. As the real estate agents are always saying, the three most important things are "location, location, and location" and with this site, we’ve got plenty of that. The power grid is much more stable, there’s a major freeway just down the road, and the folks here are really receptive to new businesses, so I think there’s a wonderful opportunity for growth.
We should have good news to report next week...and maybe more pictures, if we can get them out of the camera.

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Aaron said...

Nice job with the new location. The only problem I can foresee with this new location is one of the very things that you wanted when you chose it: civilisation. Although to be honest, the aspect of civilisation that I'm worried about might not actually count as civilisation. I'm worried about the, being polite here, nutjobs out there. Once word gets out about what you're doing, be prepared for protests about blackholes, the sun dying, religious mumbo-jumbo about God and Satan and the impending Apocalypse, aliens now having a door to use instead of having to spend all the time in a spacecraft to probe us and maybe even a new cause of global warming. Then there just might be the somewhat legitimate protests from: PETA, because now there's a whole new planet's species that need to be saved and protected; anthropologists, sociologists and Star Trek geeks talking about first contact and the Prime Directive; and possibly concerned citizens worried about the increase in the cost of electricity, the potential hazards of the door with all its high powered doo-dads and capacitors. I think the move overall is pretty good idea, but I'd just look to get some real good security and be prepared for some protests and backlash. Just my two cents, but I can't wait for you to get all up and running here because it'll so much easier for me to come visit and maybe someday make a trip.