Friday, 10 December 2010

They got off to a good start...move imminent

Frank hooked up the spare bank of capacitors to keep the Door open even longer than normal, and the whole group got through without having to rush, although a few of the porters had to make more than one trip to get all the equipment through. [shrug] I guess it's better to have too much, than to run out of something you might really need. There is still the problem of supply...there ain't any.

The new building has been secured and leases have been signed. We'll be moving in the next couple weeks. Frank doesn't want to risk moving anything whilst there is a group on the other side, just in case some setting on the equipment gets changed. It would be a real pain to drop off a group in one place and then try to pick them up hundreds of miles away, so we're going to wait for them to get back, early next week, then start packing up the Door equipment. Most of the office stuff has already been boxed up and loaded into the trucks. In fact as soon as this group returns, I'm going to be spending the rest of the week setting up the new location. Frank and the Door will be coming later. He's in charge of packing the Door itself, so it might take more than a week to complete the actual move; you know how engineers are. :-)

Lots to do, and hopefully everything will be up and running by the end of next week, so I can post on time.
Keep busy!

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